Maxwell's Hardware

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About Us

Maxwell’s Hardware has been proudly serving the Downingtown Community for over 120 years.  We are a good, old fashion hardware store where the owners and staff know their regular customers by name.  Our staff is trained and experienced to assist you with that special project or repair.  


At Maxwell's Hardware, we will do everything we can to fix your problem. We know exactly where that one bolt is and which shelf to look under to find that one hinge for your old house, or even your new house. 


We pride ourselves on having a staggering amount of hardware items at all times. The Storefront can fool you, we look small from the outside but inside the aisles seem to go on forever.  However, even Maxwell's Hardware can store only so much inventory.  If we do not have a product you want in our store, we will be more than happy to order it for you.


We receive orders twice a week, so you'll get your product in short order. Our customer base includes both home owners and contractors.